Waiver of Liability and Informed Consent Release:

I have enrolled in a program of instruction offered by Balanced Spirit Pilates Studio. I have been advised and I understand the participation in the Pilates Method exercise and conditioning activities, like any physical conditioning program, presents some inherent risk of injury, especially to those with preexisting injuries, illnesses or medical disabilities. I recognize that many changes may occur as a result of performing these exercises, including but not limited to possible short term aggravation or muscle soreness, feelings of tiredness, light headedness, increased energy and mood changes.

I also understand that a medical evaluation is advisable before commencing any program of physical conditioning or exercise. I have and will continue to keep my instructor fully informed of any physical condition or disability that would prevent or limit my participation. I acknowledge that although the conditioning program I participate in may have substantial physical benefits, Balanced Spirit Pilates Studio is not engaged in diagnosing or treating medical ailments.

I expressly assume all risks of my participation in programs of Pilates Method Conditioning conducted by Balanced Spirit Pilates Studio and waive any claim which I might otherwise bring as a result of injuries resulting from or relating to my participation in Balanced Spirit Pilates Studio programs.


All sessions must be paid in advance. Please see attached fee schedule.

Cancellation Notice:

24 hour notice is required to avoid session fees.